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Where do I get my appliance/TV serviced?

The manufacturer's warranty is in effect regardless of whether B&B Appliance is open or closed. Please click on the following link to see the factory-authorized servicer that can help you: customer service contacts

Who covers the extended warranty I purchased?

If you purchased an extended warranty from B&B Appliance, you are covered for the term of the contract. Your warranty is provided by NSI Protection PLUS® they are a subsidiary of Warrantech, an AmTrust Financial Company. When you made your purchase, your covered product(s) and warranty were registered with NSI Protection PLUS®. If you have questions or need service after the manufacturer's warranty has expired, you can contact NSI Protection PLUS® by phone or on-line. Phone them 24/7 at 1-888-446-8008 or go to

How do I reach the manufacturer of my product if I have a problem?

We have posted the Consumer Relations numbers for the manufacturers of the products we carried. You can view the list by clicking on the following link: customer service contacts

If an adjustment is needed to my appliance after you close, whom should I call?

If the problem you are having is a service related issue, you can contact the manufacturer's service agent ‐ click on the attached link: Customer Service Contacts If the problem is not a service issue, but something like your dryer vent came off, a door needs adjusting, or your appliance needs to be re-leveled, the service agencies will be able to help you.

Who do I contact about my B&B Appliance credit card?

B&B's credit card was issued by Synchrony Bank. For questions about your account, please call Synchrony Bank at 1-800-333-1071.